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Pink Elephant Weed Strain

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Pink Elephant strain is a hybrid that balances 50% Indica and 50% Sativa.

With THC levels ranging from 18% to 26%, this strain packs a punch.

It’s perfect for those looking for both relaxation and a boost of creativity.

A cross between Grape Pie “L.A. Cut” and Cherry Noir, Pink Elephant offers a unique experience.

Pink Elephant Info:

Balanced Hybrid

50% Indica 50% Sativa


Very High THC Levels

Up To


Very High


Very Low CBD Levels

Up To


Very Low



Grape Pie “L.A. Cut” x Cherry Noir
Strain Flavor


Butter, Cherry, Maple Syrup, Sweet


Calming, Creative, Euphoric, Relaxing


Beta-Caryophyllene, Beta-Myrcene, Limonene
Helps With

Helps With:

Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Stress
Side Effects

Side Effects:

Dry mouth, dry eyes, slight dizziness


Light and dark green hues, light orange hairs, dense buds

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CBD: 0.1-0.3%

Genetic: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Lineage: Elephant x Laughing Gas

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Purple Elephant Weed Strain Bud

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Aroma and Taste

Pink Elephant weed greets you with a sweet cherry aroma that fills the room.

As you prepare the bud, you’ll notice hints of butter and maple syrup.

The first inhale brings a tropical fruit burst, followed by a rich, sweet flavor.

On the exhale, the cherry and maple notes linger, leaving a smooth and pleasant aftertaste.

The smell and taste are balanced, neither too strong nor too subtle, making it enjoyable and unique.

Effects of Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant marijuana is known for its relaxing and calming effects.

Shortly after the first puff, you’ll feel a euphoric rush that lifts your mood.

This is followed by a wave of creativity, making it ideal for artistic activities.

It’s not overly sedative, making it a great choice for late afternoons.

However, it can cause dry mouth and dry eyes, so stay hydrated.

Some might feel slight dizziness, but it’s generally mild and short-lived.


  • Balanced hybrid effects
  • Sweet, fruity flavor
  • High THC content
  • Suitable for daytime use
  • Easy to grow


  • Requires Mediterranean climate
  • Not very sedative
  • May cause mild dizziness

Cannabis THC and CBD

Pink Elephant cannabis offers a THC content between 18% to 26%, providing a potent experience.

The CBD levels are low, ranging from 0.1% to 0.5%.

This combination makes it effective for pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

The high THC content ensures strong psychoactive effects, while the low CBD contributes to its medicinal benefits without causing excessive sedation.

Weed Appearance

Pink Elephant strain boasts medium-sized plants with dense buds.

The nugs display light and dark green colors with purple hues and light orange hairs scattered throughout.

The buds are compact and sticky, covered in a layer of trichomes that give them a frosty appearance.

They look as good as they taste, inviting you to take a closer look.

Genetic Lineage

Pink Elephant strain comes from impressive genetics.

It’s a blend of Grape Pie “L.A. Cut” and Cherry Noir.

Grape Pie brings a sweet, fruity flavor and a relaxing body high.

Cherry Noir adds depth with its cherry notes and balanced effects.

This 50/50 hybrid offers the best of both Indica and Sativa, delivering a well-rounded experience.

Growing Experience

Pink Elephant plant is relatively easy to grow.

Indoors, it yields 1.5 to 1.8 oz/ft² after a flowering time of 56 to 63 days.

Outdoors, expect 16 to 20 oz/plant, with harvest time in late October.

It prefers a Mediterranean climate, with temperatures between 70 – 80°F and humidity around 40-50%.

The plant size is medium, making it manageable for most growers.


Pink Elephant is a hybrid strain, consisting of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa.

Pink Elephant tastes sweet, with prominent cherry, butter, and maple syrup flavors.


Pink Elephant strain is a balanced hybrid that delivers a satisfying mix of relaxation and creativity.

Its sweet, tropical fruit flavor, combined with its potent effects, makes it a standout.

Whether you’re looking to unwind or get inspired, Pink Elephant has something to offer.

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