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Sensi Seeds

Sensi Seeds, established in 1985, holds a commanding position as a leader in the cannabis seed industry.

Today, it stands as the world’s largest seed bank, boasting over 500 varieties of cannabis seeds.

These strains have earned a legendary status among enthusiasts, and the company’s genetics are even used by the Dutch government for their medicinal cannabis programs.

The company also champions the normalization of cannabis through public engagement.

It established the world’s first cannabis museum, the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, which now exists in Amsterdam and Barcelona, attracting over two million visitors.

In addition, Sensi Seeds hosts the Cannabis Culture Awards, recognizing advocates for cannabis acceptance, with past winners including notable figures like Sir Richard Branson.

In 1993, Sensi Seeds expanded into the hemp industry with its sister-company, HempFlax, which has pioneered new processing methods now used by major agricultural and construction firms such as John Deere.

HempFlax products find widespread use across various industries, including automotive giants like BMW and Mercedes.

Looking forward, Sensi Seeds remains committed to advancing cannabis recognition and use across medicinal, industrial, and recreational fronts.

Founder Ben Dronkers’ personal story – beginning with a simple gift of seeds and growing into a cannabis enterprise – highlights the company’s deep roots in cannabis culture and its ongoing mission to promote the plant’s benefits responsibly.

Website: sensiseeds.com

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  • Over 500 strains available
  • Secure international shipping with tracking for €5.00
  • Established in 1985


  • Limited Payment Options
  • No guarantees for germination