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Ken Estes

Ken Estes

Ken Estes is a respected figure in the cannabis industry, known for his skill in cultivating and breeding.

As the creator of the famous strain Granddaddy Purple (GDP), Estes has achieved significant recognition, securing 14 High Times Cup titles throughout his career.

His expertise is well-documented, with many in the industry regarding him as a top grower.

Estes’s interest in cannabis began after a severe motorcycle accident in the late ’70s left him paralyzed.

Turning away from pharmaceuticals that failed to relieve his pain, he found considerable relief using cannabis.

This experience propelled him to focus on developing high-potency cannabis strains for medicinal purposes.

His creation, Granddaddy Purple, is an Indica-dominant hybrid renowned for its potent effects and distinctive grape-candy flavor.

Estes’s work didn’t stop with GDP; he has also developed several other well-received strains, each celebrated for their quality and effectiveness.

In conclusion, Ken Estes’ contributions to the cannabis industry are profound.

His personal experience with medicinal cannabis has driven his professional achievements, making him a pivotal figure in the development of therapeutic cannabis strains.

Instagram: gdpken

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