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Archive Seed Bank

Archive Seed Bank, also known as Archive Genetics, was set up in 2006.

With roots in Seattle, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, the seed bank is led by Fletcher, also called “the Docta.” It is well-known in the world of cannabis seeds for its history and commitment to quality.

The company is famous for creating some standout strains like Moonbow, Face Off, and Dosi-Do.

These strains showcase Archive’s strong role in cannabis breeding.

Fletcher is an active online community member and has contributed to important cannabis documentation.

This seed bank focuses on preserving valuable cannabis genetics.

It distributes these rare strains across the U.S. to ensure they survive through verified growers and breeders.

The initiative helps maintain the diversity of cannabis strains for future generations.

Additionally, Fletcher has donated many of his clone-only strains to support other breeding efforts.

After many years of dedication to growing and verifying these strains, Archive now offers its unique genetics to growers globally, not just insiders.

In short, Archive Seed Bank plays a major role in Oregon’s cannabis culture, driven by innovation and the preservation of valuable cannabis strains.

Website: archiveseedbank.com

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